bird_pitchers_0095My designs are mostly inspired by the richness of colour and the diversity of Australian birdlife. I choose to work with white earthenware clay in combination with coloured underglazes as this gives me the
wide palette I need.

I spend my life making objects from clay for several reasons. One is that I really enjoy the nature of the material. It is seemingly lifeless yet has infinite possibilities. I like the idea of beginning with a lump of clay and transforming it into something such as a cheerful little jug or bowl that might become part of someone’s daily breakfast ritual. Creating ceramics that can be used to present food is important to me and I consider this when I am designing my forms and selecting colours. I imagine and hope that the user will also colour co-ordinate the food they create with the colours present in their pot.


I have worked as a professional potter for over thirty years, most of these based in Sydney, Australia. My husband’s work on ships brings me to Seattle every year for lengthy periods. I now have a good working rhythm. I enjoy sharing Ginny Conrow’s porcelain studio in Seattle and I am beginning to explore Washington’s birdlife.


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